Customized training and sales aids that bring your product education or demonstration to life

For medical educators and product manufacturers, anatomically-accurate training and sales aids that meet their needs for workshops, product demonstrations and staff or customer instruction can be hard to find.

Simulare now offers lifelike, high-fidelity training and sales aids that are customized to your specifications to complement our existing suite of training simulators. With skin, flesh, boney structures and musculature that look and feel like the real thing, your medical education workshops or product demonstrations will come to life in an accurately realistic environment.

Simulare’s customized training/sales aids and simulators can be used for any medical application requiring a physical platform. Applications include:

  • High-fidelity surgical simulators to practice procedures

  • Patient education models

  • Sales aids to demonstrate medical devices

  • Phantoms to test new surgical procedures or devices and perform validation trials

  • Workspace analysis of new surgical instruments

  • Testing new surgical instruments

  • Teaching complex 3D anatomy using anatomical models

Contact Simulare today to explore how our customized training and sales aids or existing simulators can enhance your training and demonstration efforts.

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