Simulare is leading the way to better surgical training

Simulare Medical Corp. develops and integrates innovative medical training programs with its advanced, high-fidelity surgical simulators to create turnkey workshops and events where complex procedures can be learned safely and effectively. With our dedication to excellence, medical expertise and growing suite of programs and simulators, our goal is to be the global leader in enhancing surgical skills education outside of the operating room.

Educational Events


Simulare partners with medical schools, conferences and NGOs around the world to create innovative surgical education workshops and events.

High-Fidelity Simulators

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Simulare’s lifelike surgical simulators enable complete end-to-end training procedures with realistic anatomical features and structures.

Customized Training Aids

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Let Simulare create customized, anatomically-accurate training and sales aids for your educational workshops or product demonstrations.


NEW! Simulare’s latest education program features its new rhinoplasty surgical training simulator

The new Simulare rhinoplasty education program with its Rhinoplasty Simulator has been developed by leading plastic surgeons to accelerate the learning curve in rhinoplasty surgical training.

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Watch Simulare simulators in action

Cleft Lip Simulator

Cleft Lip Simulator

Cleft Palate Simulator

Cleft Palate Simulator

Rhinoplasty Simulator

Rhinoplasty Simulator

Our Global Education Partners

The overwhelming consensus among our Comprehensive Cleft Care conference
participants was that the simulation session was the educational activity from which
they learned the most.
— Usama Hamdan, MD, FICS, President, Global Smile Foundation