Simulare simulators: the most realistic surgical training solutions ever developed

Simulare’s growing portfolio of high-fidelity training simulators has been developed in collaboration with leading plastic surgeons to advance the learning curve for challenging, multi-faceted surgical procedures. Their innovative design and masterful attention to detail provide an extremely effective, low-cost alternative to traditional training techniques.

With Simulare simulators, trainees can now learn and perform comprehensive, hands-on, end-to-end surgical procedures outside of the operating room and without the use of cadavers. These simulators are manufactured to exacting standards and are remarkably true to life, with multi-layered tissue structures, realistic tissue manipulation and lifelike dissection planes.

All Simulare simulators are designed to:

  • Accelerate the learning curve required for trainees to perform complex procedures at their own pace in a low-pressure environment

  • Enable technical proficiency using a life-size, anatomically accurate simulator with real surgical instruments

  • Allow trainees to gain proficiency safely without patient compromise

  • Provide real-time feedback during training

  • Elevate the surgeon’s level of competence and confidence

  • Lower the cost of training

Easy cartridge replacement after each use

Simulare simulators consist of a base unit plus an anatomically correct cartridge that can be easily replaced after each use, ready for the next procedure.

Comprehensive training kits

All Simulare simulators are available as a stand-alone unit or as part of a comprehensive training kit that includes everything a trainee needs to master the surgical procedure.

See Simulare simulator demonstration videos here.