The Simulare Cleft Palate Simulator

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Like Simulare’s Cleft Lip Simulator, the Cleft Palate Simulator was developed and validated by top pediatric surgeons at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, and is designed to accelerate the learning curve for this challenging procedure.

This simulator allows trainee surgeons to practise and perfect a precise cleft palate repair within the confines of an anatomically-correct, pediatric oral cavity. Its highly-detailed muscular, boney and soft tissue anatomy permit remarkably true to life incisions, dissections and suturing.

In numerous trials, studies and workshops around the world, Simulare’s Cleft Palate Simulator has earned high praise for providing trainees with a more in-depth learning experience.

The Cleft Palate Simulator is available as a stand-alone unit or configured as part of a comprehensive training kit.

Cleft Palate Simulator key advantages

  • Complete surface anatomy

  • Complete muscular anatomy

  • Life-size and anatomically accurate

  • Proficiency gained safely without patient compromise

  • Trainees perform critical start to finish steps using real surgical instruments

  • Allows trainee and teacher to examine details at each step

  • Enables technical proficiency during dissection within a confined oral cavity

  • Dissection and repair provide real-time feedback

View our Simulare Cleft Palate Simulator demonstration video here.
Download the Simulare Cleft Palate Simulator brochure here.
Download the Cleft Palate Simulator specifications sheet here.

The Cleft Palate Simulator provides a unique, true to life environment for learning this challenging procedure

Use real instruments.

Realistic incising.

Flap elevation.

Muscular release.

Muscular dissection.

Suturing and intravelar veloplasty.